BMW car caught on camera, Jumps divider and Smashes into the woman on scooty

A horrific incident was captured on CCTV camera when a BMW car smashed into the scooty after jumping over the divider

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A woman riding a scooter got critically injured when a BMW car jumped over the divider and smashed into her. The car threw her under another car. The incident is from Mangaluru’s Ballalbagh junction around 1:20 in the afternoon.

The woman is identified as Preeti Manoj. The 47-year-old Preeti Manoj is reportedly critically injured. The driver of the other car that was damaged is under treatment.

Another woman standing on the divider missed being hit by a few centimeters. The woman was thrown off balance and fell to the ground. The whole incident got captured on the CCTV camera installed near the scene.

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According to the reports, the person driving the BMW car has been identified as Shravan Kumar, 30, from Mannagudda. He runs an interior decoration business at Derebail. He has been taken under custody by the police. The car driver is suspected to be drunk. The police is doing the investigation of the matter.