BoAt vs Apple controversy explained; Aman Gupta's firm takes on US giant in 'earpods war'

BoAt recently released multiple print advertisements and also a video taking a dig at the US tech giant Apple.

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Co-founded by 'Shark Tank India' judge Aman Gupta, BoAt has sounded the war bugle against the US tech giant Apple in India. BoAt recently released multiple print advertisements taking on Apple in the 'earpods war'. Not only this, BoAt also released an advertising video taking a swipe at Apple which is among the world's largest companies by market capitalization. Notably, BoAT vs Apple has sparked a social media debate. While a section of people are praising the Indian company for taking on the American tech giant, many are slamming Aman Gupta's company for coming up with such a campaign. Now, the question arises what is BoAT vs Apple controversy? Below is everything you need to know- 


What is BoAT vs Apple?


Recently, BoAT launched an ad campaign urging people to "think better" and switch from Apple to boAt. BoAT's 'Think Better' campaign was also shared on the company's official social media pages.  The advertisement shows boAt's earphones or earpods beside an Apple (fruit). A text inlay on it reads 'think better'. The ad also asked people not to be fanboys, but to be a boAthead. The taglines clearly takes a shot at Apple's tagline i.e. Think Different. 


Not only this, BoAt also shared an advertising video with the caption, "Disclaimer: No Fruits .. were harmed in the making of this film. It's time to give an Indian brand a chance to compete on the global level. Don’t be a fanboy, be a boAthead." Interestingly, an actor in the video was seen dressed as Steve Jobs.  The video showcased a woman talking about how she has shifted to using boAt's earphones for their sound quality. Meanwhile, her family is seen questioning her brand choice.


Fans react to BoAt vs Apple debate


A user wrote, "Boat asking people to ditch Apple and go for Boat earphones.  It’s like Oyo mocking Taj hotels. People aren’t booking Taj properties just for comfortable bed & pillows.  Similarly people aren’t paying 23000/- just for the sound quality :)"



Another user wrote, "Confidence is good. But boat comes nowhere close to even Samsung, forget Apple! When BMW trolls Mercedes, it’s good. But it’s cringe when Maruti trolls Mercedes."



One more user wrote, "It’s true. Boat’s noise cancellation is much better than Apple’s. When you wear Boat headphones, nobody around you speaks to you, it gets very quiet."