All the big names of the Film fraternity, at Raj Bhavan in Mumbai had a meeting with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 18th of this month.The delegates met with the PM to discuss the issues faced by the Bollywood Industry. However, one thing that needs to be noticed was that in the18-member panel which included Akshay Kumar, Karan Johar and Ajay Devgan among others, even one woman could not be sighted.

The meeting of the delegation came under scrutiny of the people when some activists and filmmakers pointed out the exclusion of  female representatives from the meeting. On Thursday, Dia Mirza took to Twitter to express her contempt over the same shot a sarcastic question at Akshay Kumar saying, "This is wonderful! Is there a reason why there were no women in this room?". She even tagged Akshay Kumar in her tweet.

When of the the social media user suggested that the person who organised the meeting needs to be questioned, Dia replied to this by her tweet. She said, "True. Wish one of the men had asked this question. How can an entire Industry be represented only by men?”

Some criticised her for being feminist and said that everything is not about comparing women to men, for which she had a crisp reply"."It's such a fundamental thing. If we hope to achieve equality, we must be included in all conversations! Of course women are doing well despite the fact that we are excluded. And doesn't that need to change?", she wrote as a reply.

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