Book your IndiGo flight tickets through Whatsapp using THIS method

Indigo has said while launching it that it can make the travel experience of the users very good.

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If you are planning to book a flight ticket, then you do not need to worry much. Because now ticket booking can be done easily. The special thing is that for this, you do not even need to go to any app. You can enjoy the facility of flight ticket booking from home, too, by just using WhatsApp. That is, now you can book flight tickets along with planning with your friends.

IndiGo’s 6Eskai is a Whatsapp chatbot built by Google partner Riafy technologies. This model of Google is making traveling easy for flyers. It also understands the emotions of the users and offers them the same kind of deal. This is a big model in itself.

How to use 6Eskai?

Passengers who want to use 6Eskai can send a message "Hello there" to +91 7065145858 on WhatsApp to start a chat. Inquiries about flight status, web check-ins, boarding cards, and flight bookings are among the alternatives that the chatbot quickly provides. You can choose 'Book flight tickets', fill up the specifics of your trip, pick a flight from the list, and finish the purchase by making an online payment.

6Eskai can fix everything easily. If you want to book a ticket, then you can get a discount or check-in online here. If you want to get your seat, plan a trip, or have any questions, then you can directly ask the chatbot. From here, you are also given the facility to connect with the agent, which makes the work of the users very easy.

Work will be done with the help of an AI assistant. 

Indigo has said while launching it that it can make the travel experience of the users very convenient. If you want to book a flight ticket or want to check the status of your flight, then you have to go here. All your work will be done as soon as you send a message to Indigo.