Former Prime Minister took a dig at all those who criticised him for being a silent Prime Minister. He said that he was never afraid to talk to the media, rather he interacted with the press on regular basis, contrary to the present prime minister who has not held even one press conference since he took his office.

Speaking at the launch of his book named ‘Changing India’, Singh said “despite all the hiccups and hurdles, I have no doubt that India will get its action right. Despite the difficulty that may be on the horizon, this country is destined to be a major powerhouse of the global economy.”He also revealed at the event that he was not only an accidental Prime Minister but was also an accidental Finance Minister.

Remembering his first budget speech during which he quoted Victor Hugo said, “No power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come”

“We could do more. We shall do more. I sincerely hope and believe that India is destined to achieve its destiny… It was a belief which sustained me as a bureaucrat, as a finance minister and as the prime minister. I stand by that”, he said.

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