Burberry is gaining a lot of popularity in India after featuring a Sikh kid in its latest shoot for ‘back-to-school designs from 'Burberry Children’ collection.’

The Child’s pictures have gone viral on social media within seconds. He can be seen wearing a bear print puffer jacket which costs $790 along with a bear print wool-blend cardigan costing $530 paired with a white sneaker. He is also holding a teddy bear and bag in his hand. Michael B. Jordan, Nicki Minaj, Lewis Hamilton and many other celebrities who have been posed on the brand's page have been overtaken by this four-year-old kid. 

The cute little munchkin featured on the official page of Burberry is Sahib Singh from London, he is the first-ever Sikh model of this popular brand.  Sahib has also modeled for Primark earlier. 

The official page of Burberry posted his picture with the caption, “Prepped for their next adventure: from outerwear to our Burberry Check, find back-to-school designs from the new #Burberry Collection.”

Here are the pictures

Burberry was established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry and is based in London. Originally focusing on the development of outdoor attire, it has moved into the high fashion market, developing gabardine and products made exclusively for the brand.

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