Can Arvind Kejriwal run Delhi Govt from jail? Former Tihar Jail PRO explains complexities behind it

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal will be living in jail number 2 of Tihar jail. AAP leader Sanjay Singh was shifted to jail number 5 a few days back.

India Trending Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Monday was sent to judicial custody by the Rouse Avenue Court til April 15, 2024, in the alleged liquor policy scam case. ED did not seek any further remand of Delhi CM and therefore, the court sent Arvind Kejriwal to Tihar Jail. As per the latest reports, preparations are undergoing in Tihar Jail for the arrival of Arvind Kejriwal (while writing). Reports suggest that Arvind Kejriwal will be living in jail number 2. Notably, another AAP leader Sanjay Singh was lodged in the same barrack. However, AAP leader Sanjay Singh was shifted to jail number 5 a few days back. Interestingly, Delhi CM Kejriwal is yet to relinquish the Chief Ministerial post. Multiple AAP leaders have stated that Kejriwal will be running the Delhi Government from jail but he will not resign. Now, the question arises is it possible to run a government from Jail? Below is what former Tihar Jail pro said- 


Former Tihar Jail PRO Sunil Kumar Gupta was quoted by a newswire saying, "It would be extremely challenging. There has to be a personal staff with the CM. As of now, there are 16 jails and there is no such facility in any of them where a Chief Ministership can run from. All the rules have to be broken for it. No one would allow the breaking of so many rules... Running a government does not mean simply signing the files... To run a government, cabinet meetings are called, ministers are consulted, and there is a lot of staff, there are meetings or telephone conversations with the LG. The jail does not have a telephone facility. The public comes to meet a CM for the redressal of their grievances... It is impossible to create a CM office in a jail... Prisoners in jail can speak to their families every day for 5 minutes and all of it is recorded..."


Arvind Kejriwal's Five Requests from Court


Senior advocates Vikram Chaudhary and Ramesh Gupta appeared for the Delhi Chief Minister through video conference in the Rouse Avenue Court. Kejriwal's counsel made as many as five requests- 


  1. Arvind Kejriwal will be provided with medicines in jail.
  2. His lawyers have moved an application to allow him to carry three books in jail - Bhagavad Geeta, Ramayan, and How Prime Ministers Decide by journalist Neerja Chaudhary.
  3. The Delhi Chief Minister will be allowed to retain a religious locket that he currently wears.
  4. He will be given a special diet.
  5. Kejriwal has also demanded a table and chair in the jail.