Can BJP topple the ruling AAP government in Punjab at anytime it wants?

Newly elected MP and former Chief Minister of Punjab Charanjit Channi also urged CM Bhagwant Mann to step down from his post.

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Newly elected Member of Parliament from Jalandhar and former Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi has claimed that the BJP can topple the Bhagwant Mann-led 'AAP' government in Punjab at any time. During an interview, Channi said that the BJP tried hard to divide the communities but the voters rejected them.

Channi said that BJP resorted to communalism to divide Hindu and Dalit voters but they could not succeed because people rejected its policy of divide and rule. He said that on the other hand, the voters of Punjab have given a mandate in favor of the Congress due to disillusionment with the AAP government. He said, people remember my tenure of 111 days as Chief Minister and they have seen that 'AAP' has failed to resolve the issues that it raised in order to come to power.

Asking Bhagwant Mann to leave the post, Channi said that he has always said that CM Mann is still running a stage (as an artiste), and not the state. He must step down and hand over the reins to someone else, he further went on to say.

Charanjit Singh Channi also said that the present leadership of Congress or any party should not be judged by their past. He said “Congress made mistakes like Operation Bluestar and anti-Sikh riots but apologized for it. Our leader Rahul Gandhi regularly visits Sri Harmandir Sahib and serves here. The heart of the Sikh community is big and it is their nature to forgive.”

Talking about the Independent MPs elected from Faridkot, Sarabjeet Singh Khalsa, son of Indira Gandhi’s killer Beant Singh, Channi said that any democratically elected leader should be elected, saying that one should be judged from the work and not their past. Talking about Khadoor Sahib MP Amritpal, however, he said that if Amritpal tries to cause a rift between the people of Punjab, then Congress would stand against him. Channi firmly opposed any alliance with the Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab.