As President Donald Trump threatens to declare a national emergency over immigration in the U.S., the country's northern neighbour, Canada, is all prepared to welcome more than 1 million newcomers over the next three years.

The Canadian Parliament has detailed its plans to add hundreds of thousands of permanent residents each year from 2019 to 2021 in its 2018 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration.

Outlining Canada's immigration goals for 2019-2021, the annual report states "under this plan, Canada will welcome more talented workers with the skills and expertise our economy needs, reunite more family members and accommodate more refugees looking to start new lives".

Under its new 'immigration levels plan', Canada projects that it could welcome as many as 350,000 people as permanent residents in 2019 alone, with 176,000 of those being "federal economic and provincial/territorial nominees, 89,000 being admitted under its family reunification program, and 58,500 being welcomed as refugees, protected persons or for other humanitarian reasons.

On Thursday, the U.S. leader renewed his threat to declare a national emergency over the situation at the border. As the government shutdown enters its 21st day, hundreds of thousands of federal employees continue to work without pay.

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