Canada: Indian students become the worst- affected due to rise in inflation rate, details inside

The monthly expenditure of students have increased by Rs. 55,000.

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The biggest problem that is being faced by all the countries is the high rate of inflation. Seems like Canada has also fallen into the trap of same. Reportedly, the inflation rate of Canada has exceeded 7 percent. According to the information received, this for the first time after the year 1980 that the rate has crossed the 7% mark.

The reports inform that the cost of almost all the goods and services have increased 3 times this year. As a matter of fact, is that inflation has worst affected the students who have gone on their on-study visas from India. From the sources, it has come to the notice that the increase in the price of all commodities have made the students depend on Gurudwara during difficult times. The managers who run the Gurudwara have stated that around 3,000 to 3,500 people come every day in order to eat langar. Not only this but some students have even been offered rooms to stay in the gurudwaras.

Talking about the price rise, the rent of the basement which was $1000-1200 has gone up to $1800. The rent of 2 BHK which students use to get for $2,000 has risen to $ 3500. Talking about flour which is a common commodity that used to cost 10 $ has gone up to 17$ now.

Also, it is being told that students are trying to find more work and do extra shifts to meet their expenses as there has been an increase of 55,000 Rs in the student’s monthly expenditure.

The employment rate has also seen a decline this year which has made the Indian students go through a lot of difficulties in the country. It would be interesting to see whether the government will take any serious measures to find a solution to this problem or will students have to linger upon the same.