New Delhi: Passion for flying since childhood has made Mohammed Faizy the youngest pilot to take his first solo flight in a fixed wing aircraft- Cessna 152. 

He took his flight last month. At that time he was 14-years and 6 days old. The flight was taken at the Brampton flight center, Caledon in Greater Toronto Area in Canada. “He took his flight training lessons at the Brampton flight centre, Caledon at the age of 12”, said his mother Jumana Faizy, a doctor.  Faizy's father is a Civil Engineer.

The teenager from Mississauga, Canada said, “Flying is an addiction for me”. Faizy was up for 15 minutes for his solo flight on December 18, 2018.

“I felt free as a bird...I felt like soaring through the air, it made me feel like so independent and I have to do everything by myself. And that's what I really liked about solo flight where I had 100% control”.

In Canada, the age limit to take a solo pilot permit is 14 years as compared to the US where it is 16 years. Mohammed Faizy grew up playing on the flight simulator. His sister who got her private pilot license took him on a ride few times when he was only 10 years old.

Faizy completed PSTAR exam with a score of over 90%. He has also cleared Radio certificate exam and medical examination the pre-requisites for taking the solo flight a few months before he turned 14 years. 
At present, Jonathan Strickland from the U.S. holds the record of the youngest pilot in the world to fly a fixed wing aircraft at 14 years and 4 months in the Guinness Book of World Record.
However, application for the Youngest Solo Pilot to fly a fixed wing aircraft has been submitted to the Guinness Book of World Record by Faizy.

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