Canada is considered the favorite destination for Indians in terms of permanent residence, employment and education. Reportedly, around 1.85 million people in Canada are of Indian origin which means that 5% of the total population in Canada are Indians. Also, more than 2.3 lakh Indian students are studying in Canadian universities.

From last one and a half month, Canada has witnessed fatal attacks on various Indian origin of people. These life-threatening attacks have created an atmosphere of fear in Indian society. The parents have now become reluctant in sending their children overseas.

As per reports, Sanraj Singh was killed in Alberta in December. Another Indian Pawanpreet Kaur was shot dead in Mississauga while an 18-year-old Mehakpreet Sethi was stabbed to death in British Columbia. All these attacks are just normal killings or the targets of racial discrimination are not confirmed yet. Many Indians living in Canada have stated that there are youths who attend their colleges in the morning and then work up late at night. Working late till night increases the risk of them being attacked.

A resident of Canada who is of Indian origin stated that 50 years back Canada was totally against Indians and did a lot of racial discrimination but after that, there was a lot of improvement in the country. He further added that listening to the news of fatal attacks instills fear that Canada might become the same all over again.

Latestly, the Canadian government has also taken the decision to ban foreigners from buying residential properties in the country amidst price surge.

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