Canadian couple claims to film Alien's UFO above Winnipeg River shining 'as bright as the sun'; Watch

Canada UFO video was reportedly posted on May 14, however, it went viral on World UFO Day 2024 i.e. on July 2.

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July 2 marks World UFO Day and on Tuesday a video went viral in which a Canadian couple allegedly caught a UFO flying above the famous Winnipeg River. Therefore, 'UFO spotted in Canada' is trending on social media. Canada UFO video was reportedly posted on May 14, however, it is going viral on World UFO Day 2024. The Canadian couple identified as Justin Stevenson and Danielle Daniels-Stevenson claimed that they experienced a startling event when they reportedly observed unidentified flying objects (UFOs) hovering over the Winnipeg River in Fort Alexander, Manitoba.

In the Winnipeg River UFO video shared by the couple, the couple stated that they were driving through the area when two sun-like objects suddenly appeared in the sky, which prompted them to stop the car and film the strange scene. Justin Stevenson and Danielle Daniels reportedly narrated that they spotted mysterious orbs with glowing yellow lights, and as they were recording only, two additional lights suddenly appeared, further confusing them. The two-minute video captures their astonished reactions as they try to comprehend what they are seeing.

"We’re looking at something here, I don’t know what that is. Is that a plane or what that is? We’re in the Northshore, we’re trying to figure what that is. It’s like fire in the sky or something. Are they going farther away or closer? It was brighter. Two bright lights above the tree line. Oh, there’s another one, what the f*** is that? I think we’re seeing some aliens, for real," Justin was heard saying in the video. 

Notably, fans on social media are trying to explain what was spotted above the Winnipeg River. 

Reacting to the Canada UFO video, a user wrote, "Looks like flares to me, possibly dropped from the plan that flies in from the left."

Talking about World UFO Day,  it was first celebrated on June 24. This date was chosen because of a famous UFO sighting by Kenneth Arnold in 1947. However, the date was changed to July 2. July 2 marks the anniversary of the Roswell incident in 1947.

Another user wrote, "They are illumination artillery rounds, the lantern like flickering is a dead giveaway.  Probably a pair of artillery pieces shooting 155mm. 95% certainty."

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