The Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed that three people were dead, including a suspect, after four victims were shot in several locations in Langley, British Columbia province. 

Local media quoted the police as saying that two other people were also seriously hurt in Monday's shootings, reports Xinhua news agency. 

The suspect was later identified and shot dead by the police, ending a series of attacks police believed were targeted at homeless people in the area.

The police said in an initial statement that one man had been arrested, but updated later that the suspect was shot and pronounced dead at the scene.

The police said they still did not know the motive behind the incident, nor if there was any relationship between the deceased suspect and the victims.

While the investigation was underway, multiple areas in the city of Langley and Langley Township were closed to the public, media reports said.

Langley is about 50 km southeast of Vancouver. 

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