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Marriage means union of two persons. Be it husband or wife both are equally responsible for doing their duties. In a recent incident, a man was trolled badly for posting picture of his wife cleaning driveway after 12 hours of her shift.

Canadian politician Jon Reyes has made headlines globally after he tweeted a picture of his wife shoveling snow in front of their house after her 12-hour shift as a medical worker.

"Even after a 12 hour night shift at the hospital last night, my wife still has the energy to shovel the driveway. God bless her and all our frontliners. Time to make her some breakfast", he wrote on Twitter.

Twitter users didn’t like that why he haven’t cleaned the driveway in her absence. On user wrote, “Why didn't you do it? And if you legitimately cannot for some reason, why don't you pay someone to do it for you so she can come home to a clean driveway and go straight to bed? What is wrong with you?"

Other user wrote, "You are now known as her 1st husband." 
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Twitteratis mocked him badly for his post.


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