THIS LS candidate is contesting elections in Punjab while campaigning from Canada; Know their profile

Gurbarn Singh is contesting the elections independently in Bathinda while currently residing in Edminton, Canada.

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A total of 18 candidates are trying their luck on Bathinda Lok Sabha seat of Punjab. One of these independent candidates is Gurbarn Singh. While he will be contesting the elections from Bathinda, he is campaigning from Canada. He is campaigning for the election using the internet as his medium. He states that his main objective is to enlighten and awaken the public.

Gurbarn Singh is contesting the elections independently in Bathinda while currently residing in Edminton, Canada. Gurbaran, a resident of Mohar Singh Wala village in Mansa district, has been in Canada for the last 14 years. He had come to Punjab only to file his nomination and then flew back to Canada.

Gurbarn Singh has made internet his medium for election campaign. From there, Singh is conveying his message to the people through WhatsApp and Facebook. Apart from this, his friends and supporters living in Bathinda and Mansa are forming teams and reaching out to people in different areas daily. Posters are being put up regarding the issues being raised by them.

Talking to media outlets, Gurbarn says that whenever he comes to Punjab from Canada, he sees that there has been a lot of development in other districts but not Mansa. He says that the previously formed governments made many promises and claims of development, but if we look at the ground reality, nothing is visible.

Gurbarn says that he is not competing with any candidate. Candidates of other political parties contesting elections work to distract people from the issues. His purpose of contesting elections is to awaken people. That is why he has chosen a matchstick as a election symbol because a matchstick is considered a source of energy. It will be bright and the path to progress will be illuminated.

Gurbarn Singh talks in favor of the people coming from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, saying that several candidates are making statements about people coming from other states in the elections. However, they should refrain from making such statements as theirs as these people are earning their livelihood by doing hard labor in Punjab, he says.

Gurbarn Singh Candidate profile (as per Lok Sabha 2024 affidavit)

Gurbarn Singh, aged 39, is a Post Graduate in terms of his education record. Gurbarn Singh has zero criminal cases against him. Financially, Gurbarn Singh possesses total assets or net worth of Rs 8.2 crores with Rs 2.5 crore movable assets and Rs 5.7 crore immovable assets. He has Rs 3.7 crores in liabilities. Professionally, Gurbarn Singh is a Quality Control Manager.