Can’t avoid touching face? Follow these pro tips to deal with it

Usually, we use our hands to express our feelings.

The touching face is the common reaction we do every day. We use our face, eyes, hands, and legs to express our feelings sometimes consciously and most of the time unconsciously. During the time amid COVID-19 pandemic, we have been always asked to not touch our face because of some unwanted bacterial infection, and touching face can only increase our chances of getting infected. Most of the time we are not aware of it but we end up doing it many times a day.

Why it is so difficult to keep hands off our face? So let's find out the causes.

1: Natural response and body language:

Usually, we use our hands to express our feelings. Sometimes when you are bored unconsciously we cover our face with hands. This is because we are wired to express our thoughts and emotions through gestures, and body language. With the help of body language, we can effectively tell people how we are feeling. According to the study, we touch our face up to 23 times per hour. It has also been revealed by another study that we tend to express our emotions through gestures, or by putting hands on the face while we are not on the talking terms. 

2: Stress:

It is human nature when we are stressed our body needs comfort. The parasympathetic nervous system is also known as the rest and digests system. When we panic or nervous over few things our certain parts get activated, and automatically we start touching our face.

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How can we change the habit of touching the face?

* The very first thing you want to follow is to just check what's making you touch your face- stress, nervousness, anger, consciousness. 

* Once you know that you can start working on it.

* When you feel stressed or anxious use a smiley ball and also you can try solving a puzzle to keep yourself busy.

* Always wear some good fragrance on your hand, which will always remind you to not touch your face.

* You can also do yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises to relieve stress.

* Always distract yourself when you feel stressed. It's difficult but not that tough to mend your habit.

* In last always clean your hands, and do sanitize yourself when you are somewhere out.

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