With less than six months for the Punjab assembly election, infighting in the state Congress is far from the end. Now, Congress is concerned that if Chief Minister Amarinder Singh does not take steps at his level to reassure disgruntled MLAs and MPs, hopes for a united front closer to the elections will remain a pie in the sky.

Congress believes that if things are not reined in time, even the settled issues of leadership will be called into question, which if fueled closer to the polls, will create confusion in the rank and file.

Reportedly, since it was announced that Capt Amarinder will remain the face of the Punjab congress, there is concern among certain legislators that they will be stamped out in elections because of their political opposition to him. The fear among many MLAs and MPs who were a part of the anti-Capt revolt is that they would not be re-nominated or that they will face internal sabotage.

Now, party high command believes that the CM should take the initiative on his levels to soothe the fears of concerned members and convince them to quit their "rebellion”. However, Capt's camp has been highlighting that the central leadership's actions were ineffective.

The Congress leadership says that the MLAs will continue to speak out against the CM as a mask for their "personal insecurities”. “Capt Amarinder is responsible for resolving these local differences. He must act, and it is in his own and the party's best interests,” a senior party leader said.

According to party sources, AICC Punjab in charge Harish Rawat has been asked to visit Punjab early next week to mend fences. He is expected to meet with CM Amarinder Singh and Punjab PCC head Navjot Singh Sidhu in order to bridge the gap between them and the legislatures.

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Despite best efforts to placate factions, first by appointing Sidhu as PCC president and later by declaring Amarinder Singh as the party's election face, things have not gone as planned.

These recent controversies have allegedly resulted in delaying of the appointment of poll-related committees and cabinet reshuffle.

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