CBSE's Mathematics practice book is a breather for students, learn how

The online book offers enough scope to learn independently, the book would reduce dependence on tuitions.

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has recently launched exploratory mathematics practice books for students of classes VII to X. The practice book has come as a breather for students and also eases learning for students who are struggling with Math in the times of digital learning. 

The online practice book is named, ‘Mathematical Literacy: Practice Book For Students’ is gaining popularity among students and teachers as well. 

Sarthak Jain and Shivi Goel, students of class IX and VIII, find the book as a supplement to boost their knowledge and increase practice. The practice book has helped both students to solve mathematical problems with ease and math has become fun with the help of the practice book.

“Explanations with graphics and images have made the online book very interactive. I need minimal support from my teachers and parents to solve the given questions in the book,” says Sarthak, a student of Presidium, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. 

Shivi Goel, a student of Bharat National Public School, New Delhi says that the complex concepts have been simplified and presented interestingly which also keeps students engaged. “The book is a boon for students who dread Mathematics and term it as a boring subject. Calculation with odometer, integers and temperature etc allow students to examine problems related to a real-life situation and solve them,” says Shivi.

“The book is designed to encourage students in a self-directed manner with minimal support of teachers and parents. The practice book has come at a very appropriate time as our schools are running on digital mode and we are not getting enough time for face to face interaction with our teachers” Shivi adds. 

Biswajit Saha, director (training and skill education), CBSE says, “The book available on CBSE website and DIKSHA portal can be accessed by any student, irrespective of the board they are studying.” 

He also informed that students do not need to have a username and password to access the study material. 

“The book is a true example of learning Mathematics with fun. The Board has incorporated fun facts to explain the topics,” he adds.

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The board has launched the book to promote 21st-century skills such as critical thinking and problem solving among school students also teaching them time management. 

Meenambika Menon, head senior school, Shiv Nadar School, Noida says, the book is not just a collection of questions. “It is designed with a lot of activities and story sums which are close to their real-life situation. This allows students to relate with them and make it a fun-filled activity. It is a wonderful attempt by the CBSE to make students realise that Mathematics can be learned anywhere and everywhere,” says Menon. The practice book, according to Menon, is more appropriate for class VI to VIII students. “For class IX and X, more complex and open-ended problems need to be added to make them think more critically. Overall, the book is a very good attempt by the Board,” she adds.