CCTV: 'Flying snake' spotted outside a hair salon in Jalalabad, Punjab; watch

The incident reportedly occured on June 1 outside a Salon in Bagge Mor village Punjab.

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A “flying” snake was caught on CCTV outside a hair salon in Jalalabad, Fazilka in Punjab. In the footage, two youths were startled by a snake flying through the air outside a hair salon near the village Bagge Mor in Jalalabad. The youths and the store owner can then be seen scrambling in terror as snake zooms about the place. The incident, which occurred on June 1 around 8:15 pm, has caused quite a stir in the community.

Charanpreet Singh, the operator of Bros Hair Salon, recounted the terrifying encounter, saying that the youths initially couldn’t understand what had happened. Upon realizing it was a snake, they scattered in fear.

Due to the elections, there was not much work in the salon that day, and they were sitting outside the salon with the boy working in the shop. Just then, a flying snake appeared above them. When they wanted to see, the flying snake followed them. No one could find out where or how the snake had come from.

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