Is Chandigarh Dhaba’s Diesel Parantha real or fake? Know the viral video’s truth

Food blogger, Amandeep Singh, known as 'oyefoodiesingh' had uploaded a video of a Chandigarh Dhaba claiming to be cooking paranthas fried with Diesel.

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A recent video was going viral on social media depicting the beloved Punjabi Parantha being prepared with diesel fuel. The video sparked outrage among the netizens, who pointed out concerns about the food safety and health. After severe backlash from online users, the dhaba owner along with the video’s creator, food blogger Amanpreet Singh, came out issuing an apology for posting the video.


The video showed the Dhaba owner, Bablu, dousing the parantha with a liquid from a container which he claimed to be diesel fuel. The video then shows billowing smoke and the parantha being charred.


However, the clip quickly went viral online. Netizens were quick to express alarm at the potential health risks of consuming diesel, which could end up being fatal. Not only this, using such a highly flammable liquid so close to an open flame, also raised concern. Some also called on the authorities to take action against the establishment.


Following the backlash, Amanpreet Singh took down the original video and uploaded an apology video. In the video, they claim that the diesel claim was made solely for entertainment purposes. The establishment only uses edible oil for cooking and prioritises hygiene above all else. He said, "the liquid in the container was edible oil just diesel was written in the title. If my video hurt anyone, then I apologise. I also apologise to the Chandigarh administration."


Amanpreet Singh had captioned the video with, “To the esteemed Chandigarh Administration, the gracious people of Chandigarh, and the entirety of India, I humbly extend my sincerest apologies. I deeply regret the content of my recent video and acknowledge the distress it may have caused. I am profoundly sorry for any offense taken. Your understanding and forgiveness would mean a great deal to me.”


The dhaba owner, Channi Singh, also issued a clarification, stating that the video was shot for entertainment purposes. He said the establishment uses only edible oil for cooking and prioritises hygiene. “We don't make or serve anything called a 'diesel paratha',” stated Channi Singh. “The blogger made that video for fun. It's common sense that no one would eat a paratha cooked in diesel, nor is it prepared that way. The blogger deleted the video and apologised after it went viral. We use only edible oil and provide hygienic food. We even supply langar from here.”

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