'Chasemaster' Virat Kohli gets new TITLE from Anushka Sharma after India's win vs New Zealand

India won over New Zealand by 4 wickets with Virat Kohli playing an impactful innings of 95 runs.

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When things started to appear impossible to win against New Zealand, Virat Kohli came and made this possible for the Indian team.


However, India won over New Zealand on October 22, by having the fifth continuous win in the World Cup 2023.


After Rishabh Pant and Rohit Sharma got out, India’s probability of losing raised a lot. Virat Kohli's 95 runs acted as a support pillar for the team. Now even though India won the match, everyone was sad about Virat Kohli's missed century along with her wife too.


Anushka Sharma's reaction to Virat Kohli missing a century by 5 runs


Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are one of the most popular celebrity couples in India.  Recently, when Virat Kohli missed a century, everyone's eyes were on Anushka Sharma, waiting for her reaction. Anushka did react, but in the way that wouldn’t have been anticipated.


But before delving into Anushka’s reaction, let's get in to the details of how Virat Kohli missed out on his 49 century against New Zealand.


Virat Kohli was batting at 95 and India just needed 5 runs to win the match. In an attempt to finish the match, Virat Kohli hit the ball in the air with everyone's eyes glued to it, everyone expected it to be a boundary but unfortunately, the ball didn't go high-enough and Glenn Phillips caught the ball and Virat couldn’t play more.


Now, let’s read how Anushka Sharma reacted to her husband on missing the 49th international century:


Despite not scoring a century at 49th time, Virat Kohli's wife is still proud of her husband. She took to her official instagram account to share a reel on her Instagram story, capturing the moment when Virat Kohli got out.


In the caption of the instagram story, Anushka Sharma wrote, "Always Proud of you". The Indian actress also shared another post, which featured Virat Kohli with his bat in air, and she wrote, "Storm Chaser".


Overall, Anushka Sharma was happy with her husband, Virat's performance, just like everyone else was.