Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann had lunch with industrialists in Jalandhar, discussed their issues

Chief Minister sought cooperation from businessmen/traders in elections, said - You make Mohinder Bhagat MLA, I will make him minister

Punjab, Trending | Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann had lunch with industrialists in Jalandhar, discussed their issues- True Scoop

Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann held a meeting with traders and businessmen in Jalandhar on Thursday and discussed their issues with them. The Chief Minister sat and had lunch with the traders who came to the meeting and shared his views with them.

During the program, the Chief Minister also discussed their issues and problems with the traders. He resolved the problems of many traders on the spot and assured to resolve others soon.

Chief Minister Mann appealed to the traders/businessmen of Jalandhar to support the Aam Aadmi Party in the by-election and said that you make Mohinder Bhagat MLA, I will make him minister. Then I will address all your problems along with Mohinder Bhagat.

 During the speech, the Chief Minister targeted Akali Dal chief Sukhbir Badal and said that Chanakya has written that the country where the king is a businessman, the people are beggars. But unfortunately, some people in the previous governments themselves started running transport, hotel and other businesses, which caused a lot of damage to the economy of the state and the government treasury was drained.

He said that since the Aam Aadmi Party government has been formed in the state, many talented people of Punjab have returned from abroad and started new businesses here. He said that in the previous governments, businessmen were harassed for a share, so they used to leave Punjab and either go abroad or to other states.

The Chief Minister gave the example of three youths of Mansa who are running a water park named 'Panjoy' near Bathinda. He also gave the example of 'Pahal', an organization running a self-help group.

Mann said that the industry and trade of any state contribute the most to its progress. The problem of unemployment can be eliminated only by increasing industry. The state's revenue can also increase only with the help of industry and traders.

The Chief Minister made another announcement for Jalandhar. He said that in the coming days, we will make Jalandhar the capital of the Majha and Doaba region. Every week, I myself will come here for two days with the officials and will solve the problems of the people on the spot. The house we have rented here will have a CMO for the people here.