China Xinjiang’s weather suddenly drops 45°C instantly freezing waterfowl in lake; watch VIDEO

The weather in Xinjiang region of China suddenly dropped by 45°C which trapped the waterfowl in the lake before they could get a chance to fly

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In a chilling incident, the weather in China’s Xinjiang province suddenly dropped by 45°C, which instantly froze all the lakes and roads in the area. The birds on the lake could not take flight in time and suddenly froze to death, still trapped in the lake. This raises valid questions about the impact of climate change and whether global warming is the cause behind such extreme weather fluctuations.


This hair-raising incident brings into concern that severe seasonal changes are occurring around the world due to the way that temperature has changed. This could in turn lead to catastrophic climactic disaster, that scientists have been warning the public about for a very long time.


A record-winter of 64 years was broken as a result of this cold spell in Xinjiang, China. Loads of snow has accumulated on the roads and highways causing distress to the commuters. The entire region has entered a state of deep-freeze due to the temperature dropping so far below the freezing point. The temperature in the north-eastern state of Heilongjiang on January 22 last year was -53°C. This time it has reached -52.3°C in Xinjiang. Before this, the last time temperature in Xinjiang was recorded to be this low was on January 21, 1960.


China's extreme weather over the last year has ranged from sandstorms to torrential rain and record-breaking searing heat over the summer, as well as several typhoons. Over the weekend, severe sandstorms blanketed several cities in the region of Ningxia Hui, including its capital of Yinchuan.

Watch the harrowing video:

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