China's iconic Yuntai mountain waterfall turned out to be fake; Hiker shares video of tourist hotspot

Yuntai mountain waterfall which is said to be the 'highest waterfall in Asia' & a major tourism hotspot in China is not entirely natural.

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China's credibility has been nosediving day by day. While it is a well known fact that China can counterfeit anything and label it as 'Made in China' after re-engineering, the community country has down to a new low after its iconic Yuntai mountain waterfall was found to be fake. Yes! you heard it right. Yuntai mountain waterfall which is known for its tourism hotspot is not entirely natural. A hiker recently reached to the top of Yuntai mountain waterfall and there he found that the water which was supposed to be naturally flowing into the river was actually coming out from a man-made pump. 

Yuntai mountain waterfall fake discovery has spakred a massive controversy on social media as it is one the main tourist attractions of China where people from around the world visit there. Yuntai mountain waterfall video was first shared on Chinese social media app, Weibo, and gained millions of views from fuming tourists. In the clip, the man spotted a pipe that was feeding the 1,000ft-tall tourist hotspot, dubbed China's tallest uninterrupted waterfall.

The beautiful cascading waters can be seen gushing from the pipe built and concealed high into the rock face. The user Farisvov captioned the video, saying, "The one about how I went through all the hardship to the source of Yuntai Waterfall only to see a pipe."

Interestingly, after Yuntai mountain waterfall fake claim video went viral, the park operators admitted that the waterfall is boosted during the dry season. The Yuntai Waterfall receives "a small enhancement" to avoid spoiling holidaymakers' experience and to appear in "the most beautiful way", claimed the park operators as quoted by a portal. 

A park's spokesperson was quoted saying, "The Yuntai Mountain waterfall is a natural landscape feature. But, as a seasonal attraction, in order to ensure that tourists do not go away disappointed, we made a small enhancement during the dry season."

They added that the waterfall will greet tourists in its "most natural form" this summer as it will not require boosting during the monsoon season.

After the controversy around Yuntai mountain waterfall, the local government asked the park management to be transparent about such enhancements in the future and warn the visitors in advance. 

For those who are unaware, the Yuntai Waterfall attracted over 11 million visitors in 2019 alone and has been given the highest rating by China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Nestled in a Unesco Global Geopark, the Yuntai is surrounded by rock formations dating back more than a billion years. Yuntai Mountain Park is located in China's north-central Henan province. 

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