Liquor Ban in Mizoram; people celebrate their first 'dry' Christmas

Mizoram is a predominated by Christian Population

Liquor Ban in Mizoram; people celebrate their first 'dry' Christmas -

New Delhi/Aizawl: On Tuesday, Mizoram which is a predominantly Christian state will celebrate its 'dry' Christmas. Zoramthanga government has already announced Total Liquor Prohibition in the Christian-dominated state. About 88 percent of the state's one million people are Christians. But implementing liquor prohibition could be a tall claim though. 

However the skeptics say, 'You could name the brand and get it in an hour of course only for an under the table and a little higher payment!' 

The Mizo National Front (MNF) government's move is under intense criticism of course for obvious reasons. It would undoubtedly hit the revenue collection of a funds-starved state casket.

However, the influential Young Mizo Association (YMA) has welcomed the decision. "We support and welcome the decision of the Zoramthanga government. Total Liquor Prohibition was always part of our movement. YMA is committed to fighting all kinds of social problems and evil practices, alcoholism was always one of them", president YMA Van Lalruata told UNI in a telephonic interview.

In terms of economy, between 2014-2015 and calendar year 2018, the sale of taxable liquor, fetched Mizoram government a total of Rs 200 crore - certainly a significant 'revenue' for a state whose total tax revenue was about Rs 484 crore in 2017-18. Consumption of spurious liquor and increase in drug addiction could also be other challenges.

"The churches have always been against opening of wine shops, said Rev F. Lalrinnunga, president of Mizoram Kohhran Hruaitute Coordination Committee of Churches. "What to do, the state was managed with prohibition earlier too. Moreover, our Chief Minister is too religious and we understand him," says a 60-year old social worker summing up the entire contradiction.