US Citizen died under mysterious circumstances

Police reached the spot,investigating the matter

US Citizen died under mysterious circumstances -

A foreign woman (US citizen) who had reached her in-laws house a day before Lohri in Kapurthala, has died under mysterious circumstances.However Sultanpur Lodhi police took possession of the body and kept it in the mortuary of Civil Hospital and started investigation. According to Outpost Mothanwal police in-charge ASI Davinder Pal, a 30-year-old US citizen woman had come from America with her five-year-old son on the night of January 12 to her in-laws' in-laws' village Nano Mallian. Family members told that the woman slept at night on January 19. But the next day on January 20, at 4 am, when her in-laws and father-in-law went to pick her up to go to Gurudwara Sahib, she did not open the door. When he went and saw her, she was lying dead. After which neighbors were also called  and her parents were also informed. ASI Davinder Pal told that her in-laws and father-in-law told that they slept in different rooms at night. The woman's husband is living temporary in America so he didn't come along. While the woman is a US citizen. He told that on the request of her in-laws and being a US citizen, the body has been taken into custody and kept in the mortuary of Civil Hospital for postmortem. The postmortem of the dead body is being conducted Wednesday afternoon. It is being mentioned that the parents of the deceased woman are also coming from England. Only after their arrival the next action will be taken. On the  other hand sources told that considering the suspicious circumstances in which the deceased woman died, she also has an insurance policy worth crores of rupees. According to ASI Davinder Pal, police is investigating the matter with all aspects .