Social networking giant Twitter has taken big action against the 'fake news' peddler and activist CJ Werleman who was allegedly spreading anti-India propaganda. CJ Werleman Twitter account was banned for propagating fake news targeting the current Indian government. Reportedly, CJ Welerman Twitter ban comes after he intentionally posted fake news propagating the Modi government's biased action against a particular community.

Not only this, but CJ Welerman Twitter ban also came after he propagated and participated in 'Boycott Indian Products' propaganda following Nupur Sharma's remark on Prophet Mohammed. As per the New Arab report, CJ Welerman Twitter withheld decision came 3 days after the Government of India flagged his six tweets over a period of two years propagating fake news. 

Taking stern action against the fake news peddler, Twitter banned CJ Welerman's account in the South Asian region including in India. 

As per OP India, CJ Welerman's fake propaganda was caught on June 16 when he shared a misleading video to label Police as ‘Hindutva radicals’. Welerman had alleged that an ‘elderly Muslim’ man was ‘brutally’ assaulted by ‘Hindutva radicalized, cops.’ However, this video is taken out of context to spread as it is a two-year-old video of the UP Police enforcing the strict lockdown during the first wave of Covid-19 in 2020. The Uttar Pradesh Police clarified the video through the Twitter handle of Bareilly Police. The Bareilly Police replied to the tweet by CJ Werleman, asserting that this is an out-of-context video and shows police action towards a group of people who had violated Covid lockdown, but the reply was deliberately hidden by him.

CJ Welerman accuses the Modi government of censoring his account

Following the account ban, Welerman took to his Twitter handle and cried foul over the issue. He stated, "More proof @Twitter is operating as a protection racket for the Indian government: my account has now been withheld in India because of demands made by the far-right, Hindu fascist regime of Narendra Modi. How is this ok, @Verified, @jack, @elonmusk?? in response to a legal demand."

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