Climate Change: Exploring the youth's role in avoiding the 'End of the World'

Addressing the main concerns of Climate Change is more important than ever as scientists warn how the world could meet a grim end in a few years

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Climate change has indeed put our future's existence in doubt. Despite living in the era where everything has a solution and anything is possible, we fear climate change as it propels us towards the end of the world. Numerous scientists warn that Climate Change will majorly impact the world in a few years. It is now more important than ever to address the grave dangers of climate change.


What is Climate Change?

Climate change refers to the change that has come over the years which has attributed to the rise in the levels of carbon dioxide due to use of fossil fuels.


The way that mankind is consuming resources today, i.e without the foresight of how the world is going to look like in the next few years, will cause hazardous problems to man himself. It has become the need of the hour to look after Mother-Earth and find ways to save it.


The youth’s role in tackling Climate Change:

Youth plays a very important role when it comes to tackling climate change. The youth of today holds the power to influence the future. The decisions of the youth will decide whether the upcoming generation will live with abundance or scarcity of resources.


But, the question arises, how does the youth play an important role in climate change? The youth of today can actually bring about a lot of changes in the climate by taking the following steps:


Environment Campaigns

Young minds can run campaigns about raising awareness amongst the general public. The best part is that the tech savvy youth can actually run awareness campaigns online so that it becomes easy to connect to the masses.


Scrutinize the Government

A young mind holds the capability and ability to assess and subsequently criticize or appreciate the steps that has been taken by the government and help them bring positive changes as well. This would also help the government generate new ideas and get to know how the common man can benefit.


Involvement in policy-making

The youth can actively engage in making policies for the present and future generations and contribute their self to bring a change in the climate and the society. Also, the youth will be better at sharing the problems that are being faced by the and their solutions as well.


Who to take inspiration from?


Anurag Gupta is a state climate fellow from Madhya Pradesh. He focuses on the planning and implementation of 6 major solar rooftop projects in technical institutions of Madhya Pradesh.


Garvita Gulhati is a youngster who was nominated as the “Global Changemaker of the Year” at 18 years of age. She is a B-Tech student from Bengaluru, and the Co-founder of Why Waste, an organisation that works towards effective conservation of water.


Kriti Tula is one of the most sustainable fashion labels in the country. She is currently working on upcycling and recycling both factory and consumer waste to provide living wages for artisans. She also helps with education and training.


Licypriya Kangujam, she is the founder of “The Child Movement”. She has been advocating for climate change since 2018 and has been a part of COP25, Great Indian March 2019 and Earth Day 2020. She also wants climate change literacy to be mandatory in India.


These are the youth that are taking a step forward, so that no youth from the coming generation will have to step back in any matter. It’s very important to take a step ahead and fight climate change.