Cm assails badals and dhindsa for ganging up to stall work of sangrur medical college


Cm assails badals and dhindsa for ganging up to stall work of sangrur medical college -

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Sunday slammed Badal and Dhindsa family for joining hands to stall work on Sangrur medical College for their vested political interests.

Interacting with the media persons here today, the Chief Minister categorically said that ugly face of both these families has been exposed as they don’t want that the common man should get the benefit of this upcoming medical college due to which they had conspired to stall work on this prestigious project. He said that the state government had decided to construct state-of-the-art medical College in the memory of Sant Baba Atar Singh Mastauna Sahib near Sangrur for which a fund of Rs 407 crore Was earmarked. Bhagwant Mann said that out of these Rs 407 crore majority of funds have already been issued by the state government for starting work on the project.

The Chief Minister said that the college was to commence its first academic session from March this year, after which the people of entire Malwa region could have got the best medical facilities in the region. Likewise, he said that the youth from the region would have access to higher medical education and they would not have gone to any foreign country for getting the medical education. Apart from all these things, Bhagwant Mann said that this medical College would have offered lot of direct and indirect employment opportunities to the youth of the region besides giving a major push to the overall development of entire Malwa belt.

However, Chief Minister bemoaned that vary of this fact, the Badal and Dhindsa family have sunk all their political differences just to stall this ambitious project. He said that both these affluent families have made concerted efforts to ensure that this project should not kick off by creating legal troubles. Bhagwant Mann said that even the Badals have misused the SGPC to get this project stalled so that the common people should continue to suffer.

The Chief Minister unequivocally said that it is unfortunate that the SGPC is acting like a puppet in the hands of Badal family and is being used by them for fulfilling their nefarious political designs. He said that the Badals are misusing SGPC for stalling this project, which can have transformed the fortunes of the people of the region. Bhagwant Mann appealed to the people to question the motive behind stalling this project from the Akalis whenever they visit them.

The Chief Minister reiterated that It was the firm commitment of his government to start this project by all means so that people of the state can be benefited from it. He said that Badal or Dhindsa can do whatever they want, but this project will start at every cost. Bhagwant Mann said that he will not allow the Badals and Dhindsas to succeed in their sinister moves and this college will be started very soon to benefit the common man.

Training his guns against the opposition, the Chief Minister said that the single point agenda Akali leadership was to derail the development of the state. He said that in dearth of any concrete issue against his government and the Akalis are just beating around the bush to hog media limelight. Bhagwant Mann said that he was fully committed for making Punjab, a frontrunner state in the country and no one can ever stop him.

Listing the pro-people initiatives of his government, the Chief Minister said that around 90% of electricity consumers in the state have got zero power bill due to his government. He said that due to the efforts of his government the power generation in state has enhanced by 83%. Bhagwant Mann said that owing to strenuous efforts made by his government the supply of coal for power generation from Pachwara coal mine has resumed after a long time.

The Chief Minister further said that 100 Aam Aadmi clinics were already imparting Quality health services to the people free of cost in the state. He said that on the coming Republic Day the number of these clinics will be enhanced to 353 adding that by March end 700 such Clinics will be operational in the state. Bhagwant Mann said that the state government is committed to transform the schools of the state into schools of eminence to deliver quality education to the students.

The Chief Minister further said that the state government is according top priority to the health and education sector in the state and no stone will be left unturned for transformation of these key sectors.

He said that the people who had looted the wealth of the state through corruption have been put up behind the bars by his government play. Further, Bhagwant Mann said that every single penny plundered from the public exchequer will be recovered and the pristine glory of the state will be restored by all means.

The Chief Minister was accompanied by a Cabinet Ministers Harpal Cheema and Aman Arora, MLA Narinder Kaur Bharaaj and others.