The Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Wednesday announced a comprehensive enquiry into the irregularities in the post matric scholarship scheme for nailing the guilty of this heinous crime against students of weaker and underprivileged sections. 

“My government is committed for ensuring that oil and truth comes out in this scheme so that embezzlers are punished as per the law”, said the Chief Minister.
The Chief Minister assured the people of Punjab that this enquiry will be a bear thread analysis to ascertain every lapse and embezzlement of the public money under the post matric scholarship scheme. He said that these discrepancies are an intolerable crime against the weaker and underprivileged strata of society adding that anyone found involved in this will not be spared and severest of severe action will be taken against them. Bhagwant Mann said that the barbaric embezzlement of the funds under the post matric scholarship scheme has ruined the bright future of millions of Schedule Caste (SC) students by depriving them of quality higher education. 

The Chief Minister said that these irregularities were a day light robbery over the interests of the weaker sections and his government cannot sit on its hands for allowing the culprits to move freely. He bemoaned that rather than acting against the guilty, the successive Akali and Congress governments have patronised the politicians and bureaucrats who were involved in this sinister move. Bhagwant Mann said that not only this but the Akali, BJP and Congress leadership have also connived with each other to ensure that the perpetrators of this crime evade any action. 

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However, the Chief Minister said that now the government of common man will expose the misdeeds of these parties as the nexus of politicians and bureaucrats have extended largesse to the educational institutes for their own vested interests thereby harassing the SC students both mentally and physically. He unequivocally said that action will be definitely taken against those who are responsible for these discrepancies. “The guilty of these irregularities will be made answerable for the loot of every single penny from the state exchequer” added Bhagwant Mann.

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