Congress takes a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Congress lashed out at PM Modi hours after his interview that aired on various channels

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New Delhi: On Tuesday, Congress came out with a long list of promises broken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It sharply criticised the Modi government and said that the Prime Minister have only 'peddled lies' through his 'staged interview'.

Addressing media persons at AICC headquarters hours after television channels aired Mr Modi's interview, the Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said that India wanted to know the progress of 10 top promises by the Prime Minister.

“Mr Modi's lies has destroyed India's societal fabric, and economy; trembling upon constitutional institutions, and the rights of individuals, snatching livelihood and shutting down business, we expected that in 2019 you will express regrets for the blunders of the policy that you have committed, but you have only peddled lies, and its indeed unfortunate”, Mr Surjewala said.

Reminding the Prime Minister about his promises to create employments, the Congress spokesperson said, “It would have been nine crore jobs in 55 months, but could you create even nine lakh jobs for India's young”

Taking a dig on the Prime Minister's statement of giving priority to the welfare of farmers, Mr Surjewala said “You promised cost plus 50 per cent profit to India's farmers, but today they are forced to sell their onion crops at 50 paise per kilo. Farmer distress and farmer suicides rule the roost".

He also took up the black money issue and reminded that the Prime Minister had promised to bring back 80 lakh crore black money stashed in offshore and asked, “Did it come, did India get benefit of that. The truth is that not a single rupee could be brought back”.

On Demonetisation, the Congress spokesperson said , “The nation wants to know the demonetisation disaster.. 12O people died in bank lines. People lost all their earnings. Women of India lost their entire 'istri dhan'. Yet you continue to justify the demonetisation scam and disaster".

Pointing out the national security issue, Mr Surjewala said "it has been deeply imperilled

He also took dig at Narendra Modi government promise to come up with 100 smart cities, river Ganga cleaning and Make in India Initiative.

"People cannot be fooled through a fixed interview. Have the courage to face us in Parliament or address a press conference. Having betrayed the people, do not beg Lord Ram to save you. He did not ask you to lie in the first place" tweeted Anand Sharma.