Congress' Chandigarh press conference invaded by BSP; Manish Tewari gets involved in debate with Ritu Singh

BSP candidate Dr. Ritu Singh arrived at the Congress's press conference and stated that she wants to have a public chat with Manish Tewari.

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Congress Lok Sabha candidate from Chandigarh, Manish Tewari on Thursday got involved in an unexpected public debate with BSP candidate Ritu Singh. Congress had organised a press conference on Thursday headed by candidate & leader Manish Tewari. After the completing of the conference, BSP candidate Dr. Ritu Singh arrived at the spot and stated that she wants to have a public chat with him. Thereafter, Manish Tewari accepted and then what happened next became the topic of discussion on social media. 

The situation escalated to Manish Tewari vs Ritu Singh public debate. Ritu Singh asked Tewari, "I heard that you are talking about saving the constitution..Sir, it is a very great thing. But, how will you save it as for the poor people you statement is reservation system should be based on economic condition and not on caste or creed. I dont know what you guys have in Chandigarh- Gathbandhan or Thugbandhan? I dont get it. If you cross one red light and come to Punjab then you are in alliance. Then, what kind of thugbandhan is in Chandigarh? In Punjab, you all are cursing each other but here you all are saying that we are one......Please tell us your comment about reservation that you said should be given based on economic conditions."

In response, Manish Tewari said, "First of all thankyou so much for attending my press conference on your own wish. I heard when you were getting measured of your weight something fell on your head. I hope you are all fine now. I want to tell you that the reservation for SC and ST in constitution is already written. For OBCs, it was made in 1970s...That was amended in 1991 during Narsimha Rao government..then they matter went to the Supreme Court. Keeping aside all these things, there are states in India which has 49 percent reservation. For example in Tamil Nadu. On reservation my stand is same as the Indian National Congress."

Thereafter, a loud argument erupted between both the parties. 

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