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Coronavirus Outbreak: Demand of N95 masks rises in India, drug association urges to debar exports

Soon after World Health Organization (WHO) declared coronavirus as global health emergency, shortage of N95 masks which helps in preventing the virus to transmit can be witnessed in the local market as call for masks internationally is on hike.

All India Food and Drug License Association (AFDLH) has sent a letter to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and urged them to put a ban on exports of surgical face masks and N95 masks as their supply in the local market is affected from the exports.

In the letter by AFDLH wrote, " Manufacturers are receiving immense orders for these masks which are being sold for 10-times more than their actual price. Due to this, Indian citizens will find it difficult to get these masks when required. Hence, the exports and price of these masks should be controlled."

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The design of N95 is developed according to face, fits easily and closely to face which in result filters airborne particles effectively and efficiently. Although, the N95 mask is available online, reaches home in the span of 2 days to a week, lessening its feasibility option for customers.

Abhay Pande, National President, AFDLH Foundation said, " Given the high and lucrative demand in international markets, manufacturers are ignoring the need in local markets and busy in meeting the export demands. These trade activities have put Indians at risk of not getting the masks to be safe from this coronavirus. Hence, we demand that the government should stop exports of these masks and control its price in the local market."


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