According to the data issued by the Union Health ministry, India reports 42,766 new Covid cases and 1,206 deaths in the last 24 hours. So far the nation has reported, 3,07,95,716 cases and 4,07,145 deaths.

Till now, the topmost contributor of the Covid cases is Kerala reporting 13,563 cases on Friday, while Maharashtra detected 8.992 new infections. Kerala and Maharashtra have also recorded the topmost quantity of daily Covid-related deaths, with the two states recording 130 and 747, respectively, since yesterday.

The overall caseload rose to over 3.07 crore (3,07,95,716), and the national death number raised to 4.07 lakh (4,07,145).

Since yesterday, 45,254 recoveries are shown, and overall 2.99 crore (2,99,33,538) total recoveries are there. The rate of national recovery is 97.20 percent.

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As per the latest Health Ministry data, active cases have been declined to 4.55 lakh (4,55,033). The active cases consist of 1.48 percent of the total infections.

Dr. V K Paul has again warned that the second wave of Covid-19 is not over yet, and that cases can explode if people continue to behave daringly. Daily case detections still above 40,000 and the rush, hustle, reports, and pictures of tourist spots crossing violations of social distancing seems to have no end.

On Friday, 19,55,225 samples were tested for Covid-19, taking the total tests conducted till now, detection of the virus in the nation is above 42.90 crores. Meanwhile, the daily positivity rate was recorded as 2.19 percent.

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