Cryptic Instagram post sparks Hardik Pandya, Natasha Stankovic divorce rumours again

Natasha shared a new Instagram video urging people to be less judgmental and more sympathetic. She reflects on how quickly people judge others without understanding their circumstances and calls for more empathy.

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The actress and model Natasha Stankovic is in the headlines these days due to her personal life. Her married life with cricketer Hardik Pandya is creating a lot of eye-rolls. It is being said that their relationship has moved towards divorce. However, till now, both Hardik and Natasha have not given any reaction to this, but Natasha is sharing tragic posts on social media these days.

Natasha has shared a new video on Instagram in which she talks about being a less judgmental person and having sympathy for others. Natasha is saying in the video that “I was just thinking about how quickly people judge someone. If they see someone doing something different, they do not observe them or show any sympathy. They start judging them without thinking. They do not know what the circumstances were or the reason behind the whole incident. I will just say that people should observe others, be less judgmental, and have more sympathy towards others.”

Recently, Natasha shared a clip on her Instagram story in which she was talking about trusting God in difficult times. Natasha had said, I want to share something with all of you. “Today I brought the Bible with me because I wanted to read it with all of you. It is written in it that God always walks ahead of you. He never leaves you alone. Whenever we go through any situation, we become desperate or disappointed and feel lost, but God is with you. God is never surprised by what you are going through because he already has life for you.”

In the recent past, the news of a divorce between Natasha and Hardik got more fuel because, after India won the T20 World Cup, Natasha did not share any posts for Hardik. People were expecting that Natasha would definitely congratulate Hardik by sharing a post for him, but this did not happen. Even before this, the rumors of divorce got over when Natasha removed her wedding photo with Hardik from her social media account. Then, after a few days, Natasha restored these photos to put an end to the rumors.

Natasha got engaged to him on January 1, 2020. She gave information about this through social media. Both got married on May 31, 2020. This year, on July 30, 2020, their son Agastya was born.