Czech Republic MMA fighter Lukas Bukovaz proposes to GF after losing fight; Gets rejected in front of 20K fans

Lukas Bukovaz teamed up with Patrik Horvath for a two-on-one fight against Jan Michalek, but still got defeated.

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A Czech Republic MMA fighter named Lukas Bukovaz was left humiliated on not only the professional front but also on the personal front in front of the entire world. Featuring on the Clash of the Stars card was Czech Republic fighter Lukas Bukovaz. Lukas Bukovaz teamed up with Patrik Horvath for a two-on-one fight against Jan Michalek. Jan Michalek left the cage victorious, however the defeat for Bukovaz was only the beginning of a painful night. After the fight, Lukas Bukovaz decided to reduce his pain and decided to surprise his girlfriend. 

As a result, Lukas Bukovaz went down on his knees and asked her if she would marry him. In the viral video, it can be seen that Lukas Bukovaz's girlfriend can be putting her hand on her face in an embarrassment. The in-ring announcer awkwardly held the microphone, Lukas Bukovaz's girlfriend reportedly said, "Based on everything that’s happened, I think probably not." Listening to this, the 20,000 crowd erupted into boos. "I don’t think so," she further said. 

When the MMA fighter kept his hands on his head in disappointment and the crowd started to support him, his girlfriend explained that the reason for the no is that he had recently been found to be unfaithful to her, although Bukovaz denied the accusation.

Lukas Bukovaz Video is now spreading like a wildfire all around the world and netizens have been coming up with their opinions. 

Reacting to MMA Fighter proposal video, a user wrote, "Atleast accept first in front of the crowd, then you can quietly refuse and give him his ring back when you get home"

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