Dagestan Airport Video: Mob storms inside Russian airport to protest against landing of flight from Israel

Hundreds of Pro Palestine protestors stormed inside the Dagestan airport carrying the flag of Palestine in Russia evading the security.

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In an unusual sight, hundreds of Pro-Palestine supporters stormed inside Russia's Dagestan airport in Makhachkala on Sunday to register their objection to the landing of a flight from Tel Aviv, Israel. The situation turned out to be chaotic and the pilot of the flight was instructed to not open its door since hundreds of Pro Palestine protestors were also searching for Jewish people on board. The incident caused Russian security forces to close the airport and even divert flights. Now, Dagestan airport video is going viral on social media, and netizens around the world are utterly shocked over the incident. 


In the viral Dagestan airport video, hundreds of Pro Palestine protestors stormed inside the airport carrying the flag of Palestine. Chanting 'Allah Hu Akbar', the mob reached the runway as well. Following the incident, Russian aviation authority Rosaviatsia security forces had removed the group by 10:20 pm Moscow time, and the passengers on the plane were kept "in a safe place". As per a newswire report, Rosaviatsia, informed that the Dagestan airport would remain closed until November 6. Russia's Investigative Committee ordered a criminal investigation into the incident.



Russian Interior Ministry was quoted saying that as many as 60 people have been arrested in the incident. In a statement, the ministry said that it has identified what it called 150 of the most active protesters, and added that the authorities were looking to track down all individuals who were involved in the protest.


One of the Dagestan airport Palestine video showcased, protesters reaching the tarmac later and beginning to scan plane after plane looking for Jews. A Russian pilot issued a warning to passengers aboard a plane to not open the doors of the aircraft lest the mob enters it. The protestors reportedly had guns with them, and in a video, the protesters could be seen in a stand-off with the Russian security forces. 


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