Dan Bilzerian slams Israel amid 'All Eyes on Rafah' trend for mistakenly killing displaced Palestinians

Israel has come under the scrutiny of the world media and even its ally countries after horrific videos and images emerged from Rafah.

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American poker player, influencer & businessman Dan Bilzerian on Tuesday lashed out at Israel after mistakenly killing at least 45 displaced Palestinians in a camp in Rafah. Israel has come under the scrutiny of the world media and even its ally countries after horrific videos and images emerged from Rafah. Rafah Attack started a worldwide trend called 'All Eyes On Rafah'. Influential personalities around the world put up a camp photo with the text 'All Eyes On Rafah' written over it. All Eyes On Rafah's trend is to educate people around the world and draw their attention towards Israel's war with Hamas which is also killing innocent civilians. Dan Bilzerian reaction to Rafah broke the internet on Tuesday. Below is what Dan Bilzerian wrote on Rafah and Israel- 

"Incase y’all were confused on where I stand, let me be clear, F**k Israel." In another tweet, Bilzerian wrote, "To all the US solders on the USS Liberty who were murdered by “our ally” Israel and to all of our solders who died fighting Israel’s wars.Happy M Day. I’d like all of our congressmen to spend the day petting all the money Israel is giving you to support their terrorist activities."

Notably, Dan Bilzerian's tweet on Israel got a 7.5 million reach in which he abused the Jewish country. His other tweet got more than 2 million reach on X. 

What is happening in Rafah?

As per reports, Israeli forces mistakenly killed at least 45 displaced Palestinians who were living in a camp in Rafah. Although Benjamin Netanyahu accepted the 'tragic mistake' he did not elaborate on the error. As per reports, Israel's military initially said it had carried out a precise airstrike on a Hamas compound, killing two senior militants. As details of the strike and fire emerged, the military said it had opened an investigation into the deaths of civilians.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres was quoted saying, "There is no safe place in Gaza. This horror must stop" Furthermore, at Algeria's request, a UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting later today to discuss Sunday's strike on Rafah. Last week, the EU asked Israel to "fully respect" a ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that Israel stops military actions on Rafah "which may inflict on the Palestinian group in Gaza conditions of life that could bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”. 

Notably, IDF Forces for the past few days and weeks have been getting bodies of the innocent hostages that were taken by Hamas. Notably, it was Hamas that launched terror attacks in Israel from land, air, and water killing multiple Israelis and taking tourists hostage.