‘Deep-rooted patriarchy’ the main reason behind crimes against women in India, read

According to the World Bank, 30% of women in the world face some or other form of sexual violence. 85% of sexual violence cases are unreported

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Deep-seated patriarchy has created a second-class status for women in India. Men and boys are not naturally violent; patriarchal norms make them insensitive. R*pe is the most barbaric act of violating the bodily integrity and honour of a woman. It destroys the entire physical and mental composure pushes the victim into a deep emotional crisis and reduces her to a living corpse. It is being used as a tool of war. R*pe and sexual violence have been used in every conflict both by terrorists and governments. India is the most dangerous country for women with sexual violence rife

According to World Bank, 30% of women in the world face some or other form of sexual violence. 85% of sexual violence cases are unreported in India. There are many reasons why our legal system fails to provide justice to victims. One is victim’s decreasing faith in the judicial system. Second, the victim was pressured into not reporting the case. Often, police don't file the case when the victims are high-profile.

In India, r*pe is defined as unlawful s*xual intercourse against the will and without the consent of the women. For instance, if the consent is legal but the age of the girl is under 16, or if she has been blackmailed or threatened into consenting; it will be considered a r*pe.

In legal terms, domestic violence is defined as cruelty against women by husbands or relatives.

What is the profile of the rapist?

  • There are three characters in the Indian rapist profile.
  • The relationship between the rapist and the victim.
  • More rapists are young. Their age lies between 21-30 years.
  • Most rapists have a low level of education.

Rapists don't feel remorse rather they blame the victims. This is known as cognitive distortion. Some rapists say that sometimes the sexual urge of a man reaches a dangerous level, after which, it becomes crucial to satisfy. Not every man is a part of this problem, but every man can be the part of the solution.

Individuals from their end can do things to adopt some preventive measures against r*pe:

  • To provide all information to the police.
  • Conducting a session of safety tips for everyone.
  • To create awareness about what constitutes r*pe, good touch and bad touch for kids, etc.

The judiciary plays a crucial role in finding a proper solution to r*pe cases. They are responsible to not rely on law rigidly but to allow some sense of flexibility while deciding such intense matters.