In an absolute shocker coming from New Delhi's Mangolpur area, an armed group went on a mass stabbing spree killing 1 and injuring 4 on Friday. Mangolpuri mass stabbing incident took place on Friday in K-Block around 4:30 PM (IST) in broad daylight in which a man was stabbed to death and 4 others were injured. The gruesome incident was in fact filmed by the neighbours and ever since then Mangolpuri mass stabbing video has gone viral on social media. In fact, Mangolpuri mass stabbing viral video has been spreading like a wildfire with netizens in shock over the gruesome incident.

In the mass stabbing Mangolpuri viral video, it can be seen a group of people involved in a brawl outside a house. One of the man can be seen clearly holding a sharp knife and attacking the men with it. The disturbing video further shows women screaming and crying after seeing their family members being stabbed in front of them. In fact, the Mangolpuri video further shows that the incident is so gruesome that the neighbours filming also started screaming.

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Mangolpuri Mass stabbing

For the unversed, three victims who were injured in the mass stabbing have been identified by the Delhi Police as Armaan, Monty alias Moin Khan, and Fardeen. While the one who died in the brawl has been identified as Armaan. All of them were rushed to the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial (SGM) hospital for further treatment following the stabbing incident, however, Armaan was declared 'brought dead'. Fardeen, who sustained minor injuries, claimed that he had had an altercation with the brother of one of the accused after he touched his bike while driving past their house.

As per the Delhi Police, after Fardeen returned home, his brother Moin decided to go and resolve the matter peacefully. However, an argument broke out between him and the accused, at which time both Fardeen and his cousin Armaan were present. The accused and his brother then allegedly called their associates to attack them. The accused then went to Mangolpuri’s O Block to take revenge on another person, and later stabbed two of his friends, severely injuring one of them.

In the Mangolpuri mass stabbing incident, police have registered two cases-- murder and attempt to murder against the accused and have also arrested Shahrukh and a few of his associates while efforts are being made to arrest the other accused.

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