Delhi’s accident case: Video of deceased’s friend surfaces who was present with Anjali that night; watch

The preliminary Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) report stated that no evidence was found of Anjali being inside the car or being raped

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In the latest development of Delhi’s Kanjhawala hit-and-run case, another fact was revealed that victim’s friend was also present with her the night she died in the accident. A video of hers has now gone viral on social media platforms after she returned home at night. Reportedly, she was very nervous and asked for a charger from her neighbors to charge her phone.

On being investigated, people who live near her house revealed that it was late when she returned home and was very anxious. She knocked on all the gates of the house and was asking for charger to charge her phone. Next morning on being asked she told everyone that she met with an accident but did not reveal anything about Anjali.

Talking about the incident, the accident happened on 31st December 2022 at around 1:30 pm. The whole incident was captured on the CCTV installed nearby. The footage clearly shows that a Baleno car was moving on the road when they collided with a scooter-riding girl. The vehicles collided and the victim got trapped under the car. Instead of getting out and helping her, the accused increased the speed of their vehicle and dragged the girl for about 12 km. On being dragged, all her clothes got torn, she got serious bruises on her whole body, especially her back. Both her legs got fractured and she died.

The preliminary Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) report came out on Wednesday which stated that no evidence was found of Anjali being inside the car or being raped. While the team found traces of blood on the back tyre of car.

Nidhi while telling about the incident revealed that she asked Anjali to let her drive the scooty but she did not let her do it. She then added when the scooty collided, she fell under the car while I fell to the side due to which this accident happened to her.

Anjali’s family has denied all allegations put up by Nidhi, they stated, “Nidhi is giving baseless statements. What kind of a friend is she who even after seeing her friend being dragged by the car so brutally did not come up for her help?”

All 5 accused were arrested by police and are on remand for the next three days. Among the 5, one is said to be the leader of the BJP.

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