The state would be a role model for other states as the samples are collected and managed scientifically, told Dr Vinod Scaria, who works closely with the Maharashtra Public Health Department on the genome surveillance project, to media organization TOI.

When Dr was asked to share the observation about Delta cases in Maharashtra he said that the programs made for both the states – Maharashtra and Kerala, were developed as a collaborative initiative between CSIR and the state governments. He further said that a key observation about Maharashtra is the systematic and uniform genome sequencing across each district. This systematic sequencing helped the state government to identify the emerging cases and apply effective Covid-19 measures.

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He was further asked about increasing Delta-plus cases in the state and the emerging of the third wave of Covid-19. Dr Vinod replied, “While Delta has become the lineage in India and many parts of the world, the virus will continue to evolve by accumulating more genetic mutations. The Delta sub-lineages are popularly called Delta plus lineages as they have additional mutations in the genomic background of Delta.” “These sub-lineages are increasing, but the number of cases is not significantly large,” he continued. 

On the third Covid-19 wave he said that the world is witnessing the waves of Covid-19 because people have loosened their vigil and public health measures. Another cause of the spread may be “the antibody levels from pre-existing infection or vaccine wane over time.” As a larger proportion of people get vaccinated, the chances of infection would definitely go down and the virus would definitely become epidemic.

He further said that it is not possible to tell that which sub-lineage Delta would cause the third way (if occurred.)

Five people died in Maharashtra and 76 people have been infected with the Delta Plus variant of COVID-19 so far. According to the state health department, many of them have been fully vaccinated.

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