Dhanashree Verma breaks silence on trolls linking her to Shreyas Iyer & others; 'It has affected me'

Social media trolling of Dhanashree Verma has been intensified ever since she shared her picture with choreographer Pratik Utekar.

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Rajasthan Royal leg spinner Yuzvendra Chahal's wife Dhanashree Verma on Saturday broke her silence after being continuously trolled and linked up with other men on social media. Dhanashree Verma took to her Instagram handle and shared a video statement of her saying that this has affected her a lot. Social media trolling of Dhanashree Verma has been intensified ever since she shared her picture with choreographer Pratik Utekar. Fans raised questions about Dharanshree asking how she shared such a cosy picture with another man despite being married to Yuzvendra Chahal. Notably, quite frequently Dhanashree Verma's name gets linked up with another cricketer Shreyas Iyer. In fact, during the Cricket World Cup and many other occasions, there were fans who chanted Dhanshree's name when Shreyas Iyer was playing. Breaking silence on the continuous trolling & criticism, Dhanashree said- 


"How are you feeling about this? It’s that simple to ask and be a human first, than to put forward certain verdicts or opinions. I have never in my life been affected by trolls or memes. This definitely had a lot of maturity or ignoring or laughing it out loud until this very recent troll occurred,” Dhanashree said.


Dhanashree added, "The reason it has affected me this time is because it has affected my family and my near and dear ones. Since you all have the freedom on social media platforms to speak your heart out that you tend to forget or choose to ignore the sentiments of us and our family."


Notably, Dhanashree clarified that she took a break from social media to find peace amidst trolls.


“So, this led to the decision of detox from social media and trust me, it was very peaceful. But it is also may we realise that if we make this medium so negative, then all we are doing is spreading hate and disharmony on a large scale. Social media is a major part of my work and I can’t give up, which is why I have gathered courage and come back on Instagram,” Dhanashree said adding, "Just requesting you guys to be little more sensitive and focus on our talents and skills as at the end of the day, we are all here in this medium just to entertain you guys. So, just don’t forget that I am also just a woman, just like your mother, sister, friend, wife, and this is not done, and it’s not fair."


Yuzie's better half ended her video by saying, "And I am known as a fighter and I never give up. Here I am and I am not going to give up again. But spread love, be sensitive about a few things and don’t spread hate. I really hope that here onwards we are all going to focus on the good things and move ahead in life."


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