Who is Kim Yo Jong? All about the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un

The ruthless ruler's sister holds the reins of the nation's authority and outmatches her brother in her capacity for harshness.

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Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, is widely known for his rigid policies and the isolation of his country. However, currently, the focus has shifted to his sister, Kim Yo Jong. Tensions between North and South Korea have put Kim Yo Jong in the spotlight, as she appears to be the driving force behind recent provocations from North Korea.

In the latest incident, North Korea reportedly sent hundreds of balloons filled with trash and debris into South Korea in response to South Korea's use of loudspeakers to broadcast anti-North Korean propaganda near the border. Kim Yo Jong has issued a warning that the situation could dangerously escalate.

Kim Yo Jong has rapidly ascended the ranks of North Korean politics, amassing significant influence in a short span of time. She is depicted as more powerful and ruthless than her brother, Kim Jong Un, and capable of making swift and decisive decisions, even resorting to violence if deemed necessary.

Renowned author and North Korean politics expert Sung Lee, in his book "The Sister: An Extraordinary Story of Kim Yo Jong," portrays her as a cunning and formidable figure who could hold more power than her brother should she assume control. Despite North Korea being a male-dominated society, Kim Yo Jong has successfully carved her path and garnered respect within the ruling party.

Born in 1987, Kim Yo Jong received an elite education abroad in Switzerland, although details about her schooling remain undisclosed. She has been groomed for leadership from a young age and is said to be fluent in multiple languages, including English and German. Unlike her brother, who struggles with English, Kim Yo Jong is highly skilled in communication and media management.

Since assuming control of the media department in 2014, her influence has only grown, credited with orchestrating Kim Jong Un's Western-style makeover. Overall, Kim Yo Jong is depicted as a formidable force within North Korean politics, capable of outmaneuvering even her brother.