Diljit Dosanjh shares fun BTS moment with Parineeti Chopra from Amar Singh Chamkila

In the video the Punjabi Singer was seen taking friendly jabs at co-star Parineeti Chopra’s impromptu dance performance

Punjab Trending Diljit Dosanjh

Famous Punjabi Singer Diljit Dosanjh shared a fun little snippet from Behind-the-Scenes of his upcoming movie Amar Singh Chamkila. The video showed him and co-star Parineeti Chopra sharing a funny instance while Diljit performs Chamkila’s hit song, ‘Adiye da nasha chad gya’. The take is interrupted when Diljit comments on the moves of Parineeti, which fail to match the tone of the song.


Diljit shared the video on his Instagram with the caption, “Amarjot Ch Rihanna Aa Gai C”, making fun of Parineeti’s raunchy dance moves. He follows on saying, “...ehna nu vida kro”, to which Parineeti jokingly responds saying, “You’ll miss me when I’m gone”.


The movie is a biopic depicting the tragic tale of legendary Punjabi singer Amar Singh Chamkila, and therefore is set to play with the fans’ emotions. It is directed and co-produced by Imtiaz Ali. The film stars Diljit Dosanjh in the titular role, with Parineeti Chopra as his wife.  It follows the life of Amar Singh Chamkila as his brash lyrics ignite fame and fury across Punjab as he grapples with soaring success and brutal criticism before his untimely death. However, the video shared by Diljit showcases how the mood is kept light behind the scenes even if the movie follows a dark-gritty setting.

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