Famous Punjabi Singer, Dilpreet Dhillon got into a heated argument with the audience while he was performing in a live show.

After the argument and fight, the singer got very upset and decided to leave the live show called ‘Akhada.’

The main reason for the fight was that a great fan of legendary Punjabi singer, Sidhu Moosewala was present in the audience who were attending the live show of Dilpreet Dhillon. The fan requested the singer to do a signature move (thappi) of Sidhu Moosewala.

As the singer ignored the demand and did not do the same, the fan got angry and abused him. After this, the singer got into a heated argument and decide to leave the live show in between.

The organizers of the show requested him to calm down and resolved the whole issue. After the whole incident took place, the singer in the end replicated the move of the slain singer, Sidhu Moosewala.

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