Doctor's Day 2024: Must-Watch films & web series on OTT that have paid tributes to medical professionals

July 1, every year is celebrated as National Doctors Day. Cinema and theater has made a number of films showing doctors in various eras, emphasizing both their devotion to humanity and instances of corruption.

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July 1, every year is celebrated as National Doctors Day. Cinema and theater has made a number of films showing doctors in various eras, emphasizing both their devotion to humanity and instances of corruption. These cinematic portrayals capture the evolving social landscape as well as the ethical and professional difficulties that the medical field faces. In honor of Doctor's Day, let’s examine a few well-known films and television shows that feature medical themes.

Munna Bhai, MBBS

Rajkumar Hirani is the director of the comedy-drama Munna Bhai (MBBS) in Bollywood. The main character of the tale is Munna, a goon who poses as a medical student in order to carry out his father's ambition. He matriculates into a medical school, where his nontraditional approaches and kind demeanor impress both staff and students. Munna changes the hospital atmosphere by tackling medical problems with humor and sincerity alongside his devoted sidekick Circuit. Mixing humor with social commentary on the healthcare system and interpersonal relationships, the movie tackles themes of friendship, redemption, and the power of empathy.

Doctor G 

The comedy-drama Doctor G, released in 2022 in India in Hindi, centers on Uday Gupta, a medical student with dreams of becoming an orthopaedic surgeon. Nevertheless, he becomes the only male resident in the gynecology department after receiving a residency position based solely on his exam rank. The movie chronicles Uday's funny moments, early awkwardness, and struggles adjusting to his unexpected specialty. In the end, he gets over his prejudices, connects with his female classmates, and discovers that the field of gynecology is more rewarding than he had originally believed.

Dear Zindagi

The story of Kaira, a young, talented cinematographer who seems to have it all, is told in the movie Dear Zindagi. However, beneath the surface, Kaira struggles with interpersonal issues, insomnia, and emotional instability in her seemingly perfect life. The pivotal moment occurs when Kaira gets to know Dr. Jehangir Khan, an eccentric therapist known by the moniker Jug. . Through treatment sessions, Jug assists Kaira in addressing her underlying problems, such as childhood abandonment fears. Kaira gains fresh insight into life as she continues to explore. She discovers how to be content without requiring perfection, accept her flaws, and forgive her parents. The movie also looks at issues like mental health awareness and how important it is to get treatment.

M.D. House

M.D. House. is a well-liked TV medical drama series that ran from 2004 to 2012. A group of diagnosticians at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital are led by the astute but eccentric Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House. House, who is renowned for his nontraditional approaches and tough demeanor, takes on difficult medical cases that other physicians find difficult to diagnose. Houses unconventional approach frequently results in life-saving treatments and profound insights into his patients conditions, despite his cynicism and disdain for social norms. The show is a captivating fusion of drama, humor, and medical intrigue as it explores medical mysteries, ethical conundrums, and the personal struggles of its characters.

The Good Doctor- 

The Good Doctor is a 2017 television medical drama series based on a South Korean series of the same name. San Jose St.'s young surgical resident, Dr. Shaun Murphy, is the focus of the show. Hospital Bonaventure. Shaun faces unique challenges and perspectives in his medical career due to his dual conditions of autism and savant syndrome. Shaun's extraordinary memory and ability to think creatively often result in novel medical solutions, even though he encounters prejudice and skepticism from some of his colleagues. The television show follows Shaun as he works through obstacles in his career, cultivates relationships with colleagues, and aspires to establish himself as a valuable member of the medical staff. Empathy, tenacity, and the difficulties of interpersonal relationships in a medical setting are among the themes it explores.


From 1994 to 2009, the popular medical drama television series ER was broadcast on television. The show centers on the lives of the physicians, nurses, and other staff members who toil nonstop to save lives amidst the mayhem of an urban hospital, mostly in the emergency room of Chicago's County General Hospital. The show focuses on the personal lives and interpersonal relationships of the staff members in addition to the medical cases that pass through the ER doors, which range from simple injuries to serious medical emergencies. Every episode explores the difficult and frequently emotional circumstances that the medical team faces, showcasing their commitment, challenges, and victories when making life-or-death choices. ER has become a television drama landmark due to its realistic depiction of medical procedures, moral quandaries, and the dynamics of a busy hospital environment.

Good News-

The Bollywood comedy Good News was released in 2019. Two couples who share the last name Batra and who visit a fertility clinic to begin IVF treatments are the subject of the narrative. Yet a mistake at the clinic results in the exchange of their embryos, creating a bizarre and entertaining scenario. As the two couples negotiate unexpected parenthood and familial relationships, the film satirically examines the effects of this mix-up. Good News, which features a stellar cast that includes Kiara Advani Diljit Dosanjh Kareena Kapoor Khan and Akshay Kumar combine sentimental moments with humor while examining contemporary relationships and the peculiarities of family life.


Robin Williams plays Dr. Malcolm Sayer in the drama film Awakenings a neurologist who finds a novel way to treat patients who are catatonic. Encouraging patients who have been catatonic for decades from encephalitis lethargica the story set in the 1960s follows Dr. Dot Sayer as he gives them the experimental drug L-Dopa. Some patients like Robert De Niros character Leonard Lowe are miraculously revived by the medication and he goes on to become a figure of strength and hope. While Dr. Dot Sayer struggles with the moral and psychological ramifications of his discovery the patients struggle to adjust to a world that has moved on without them as they regain consciousness. In Awakenings themes of humanity medical ethics and the strength of compassion in the face of hardship are explored.