As per data from the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence, just 1.1 lakh of India 10.8 lakh registered allopathic doctors in India work in government hospitals, which makes only 10% of the total number. The reasons for this range from poor pay and perks to shoddy infrastructure and outdated technology in government hospitals.

       The problem is dreadful in the states of UP, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh which do not produce enough number of doctors. WHO has mandated one doctor for every 1000 people. However, in India, there one government doctor for every 11,082 citizens.
              Karnataka, Maharashtra and TN may be producing the maximum number of doctors in the country. However, it is sad to notice that they too have depressing ratios for doctors working in government hospitals. Against the national average of 10% of the doctors joining the public sector, only 4.8% of the 1-lakh-plus doctors registered in Karnataka are working at the government hospitals. While in Tamil Nadu, 5.6 is the percentage and 4.3% in Maharashtra. In AP and Telangana, 9.3% of the total work as government doctors. 

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