Money Laundering Case: ED will interrogate IAS Pooja Singhal arrested in a money laundering case for five days. The court has allowed the ED to take remand for questioning. 

Though the ED had sought 12 days' permission from the court to interrogate Pooja, the permission was granted for only five days. The ED team will reach Birsa Munda Central Jail at Hotwire, Ranchi at 10 o'clock today (Thursday) to take Pooja on remand. After five days of interrogation, Pooja Singhal will be produced before the court again on May 16.

In the year 2018, the ED had filed a charge sheet against JE Ram Vinod Prasad Sinha on charges of money laundering amounting to two crores 79 lakh 69 thousand rupees. 

After CA Suman Singh, Pooja Singhal has been remanded by the court in the same case. Now a supplementary charge sheet will be filed against Pooja Singhal and others in the same case. Here, the five-day police remand period of Pooja Singhal's CA Suman Singh, arrested in the money laundering case, ends on Thursday. 

After the completion of the period of five days, the accused will be produced before the court. Before this, her medical examination will be done.

A medical examination of Pooja Singhal was done, and the report is normal

Mining secretary Pooja Singhal was produced in a special court on Wednesday evening after the ED was arrested. Before the arrest, Pooja Singhal's medical examination was done in the ED office. 

The medical team from Sadar Hospital was called there. Dr Mayukh was present in this team. Who checked the BP and pulse of Pooja Singhal. It was told that the medical examination did not reveal any problem and the medical report is normal. 

Didn't talk to anyone in jail, last night changing side

Jharkhand's Mines-cum-Industry Secretary Pooja Singhal, implicated in a money laundering case, was found in Birsa Munda Central Jail on Wednesday night. 

As soon as she entered the jail at 10 o'clock at the night and the main gate opened, her blood pressure increased significantly. She fell into a state of unconsciousness. Two constables of the jail administration rushed to the drugstore and brought blood pressure medicine and gave it to Pooja Singhal. 

After taking the medicine, Pooja Singhal's blood pressure became normal and her condition got better. After this Pooja Singhal was sent to the women's ward.

Many women prisoners came to her at night. But she didn't talk to anyone. She went to her cell and sat for a long time. The women prisoners were consoled but lay down without talking to anyone. 

According to jail sources, the night of Pooja Singhal had been changing its course. Here, before reaching the jail, the jail administration had completed the preparations. Since the guards had to open the doors from sentries to the prisoners arriving at night. Entries were made in the registers. Jailor Mo Naseem told that Pooja Singhal has been kept in a separate cell from the common prisoners.

Received roti vegetable to eat, left after eating two pieces

Pooja Singhal was upset when she went to jail and left with two pieces of roti, vegetables, lentils and salad to eat. Mineral water was arranged for drinking. Spent the whole night drinking water only. The security personnel of the women's ward were engaged in various arrangements for the IAS.

Troubled by mosquitoes, all-out arrangements were made

There is a problem with mosquitoes in the prison. There are more mosquitoes in the women's ward. Mosquito nets and all-out arrangements were made by the jail administration for IAS Pooja Singhal. Although she did not put a fishing net at her sleeping place, she worked from all-out.

Action Against 27 officials:

Efforts were made to eliminate the status symbol in our country by removing the red beacon, moving forward in that direction, now the corrupt and careless officials are being cracked down. In the last 24 hours, from Delhi to UP, Jharkhand, Assam, Tamil Nadu, 27 such indolent officials have been bulldozed by the government. Let us know who these officers are and how they have defamed the entire officer Jamaat.

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